I'm WizardofOzQueen I'm twenty years old i'm a singer reader princess daughter granddaughter and friend. I'm excited to be a member of SevenSupegirls coming up soon I will discuss about my favorite things like Disney Classics Disney Channel Disney Pixar and American Girl.

I will be on SevenFabulousTeens,SevenFuntasticGirls SevenPerfectAngels and Supergirls as a Member on YouTube.


My full name is WizardofOzQueen

When i'm younger i want to be a singer

I'm twenty years old

I'm homeschooled

I was born on August 30th

I can't wait to start making a few videos about my future and upload them on YouTube

I love High School beacuse i've a friend was enjoy University of Nevada Las Vegas

I will be on SevenSuperGirls soon and be sure to add my picture on the Website and Wiki

Princess WizardofOzQueen

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