Hey guys! August has been a CRAZY month for the SSG wiki! I made this wiki in 2014 but I never used it so I started editing it now and I am so pleased with it! I am planning on continuing the constrution for 3-4 more months so I'm trying to have a 'Gand Opening' by the end of December. I won't have much time on the wiki as school has started but I have a new admin now (more on that later in this post) so it will be more intresting! 

Update #1: NEW CO-OWNER: Please give her a warm welcome. Her name is.. *DRUMROLL* 


Update #2: We have a themes page! As you know SSG has a different theme for thier channel every day. So we will have to update the page every day. The hard part is they have done many many themes in the past. Almost 300! So we will need to make 300 pages and we will need to keep updating so this page will be a lot of hard work but we are willing to do it :) 

If you ever need anything or have any questions please go on my message wall:) I gave it a little makeover so please feel free to check it out :D

Bai :D