Those are some characters/guests appeared in SevenSuperGirls Visit The Future!

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Those were some people that discovered SevenSuperGirls. their whole culture is based on SevenSuperGirls and SevenSuperGirls was taken down and all that survived were their videos so all they know about the past comes from the videos.

Personality Edit

They can be very kind, they are often nice, but they can be a bit strange sometimes, they guided The SevenSuperGirls.

Appearances Edit

SevenSuperGirls Visit The Future!

Appearence Edit

The first one has green hair and the second one has white hair, the third one has yellow hair, the other one has blue hair, and those colors match their clothes too.

Actors Edit





Trivia Edit

  • They only appeared in one episode from SSG, 'SevenSuperGirls Visit The Future!'
  • All those characters are actually played by Ellie, Mimi, Kaelyn, and Emily, since their real characters are all the only ones in this video.
  • Some people would mainly call them "very cool future people" because they have cool dresses. [I'm not talking about my opinion]
  • Ellie, Mimi and Emily seems to have some freckles on their faces when they are acting the characters, except Kaelyn.

Quotes Edit

"Wakey, wakey, rise and shine."

Telling the SSG girls to wake up.

"sevenSuperGirls is known throughout the galaxy, our whole culture is based on your videos."

Telling the SSG girls that they've became more popular.

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