The Legend Of The Wicked Witch is a story featuring all of the SSG girls.

Plot Edit

One night, Kaelyn was telling a story about a girl that was in a ghost house. and something was following her, so she escaped out of the ghost house and lived with her six cats happily ever after in her apartment. Mimi thinks that it is not a scary story, so Mimi told them a SCARIER STORY!!!!!!! A long time ago, there was a witched and she had long black nails and hollow eyes. but the scariest of all, was how evil she was. She hated everyone who was not as miserable as she was. She cursed spells on everyone she met along the way, Ellie asked if anybody stopped her, but not really anyone stopped her, Kaelyn asked where was that vase? Ellie thought it can't be a true story. But Emily thinks it would might be true Who knows? then they had to go to bed, so they all went off to bed that spooky and scary night. But when they woke up, they were all chatting about them having nightmares. Emily still thinks that IT IS STILL TRUE! Mimi proved it but Mimi's hand WAS STUCK! Ellie helped, but they both broke the vase. and everyone gasped. Until the witch broke in and told them all about it, that was the one place she could stay away from anyone. (which was everyone.)