Sparkles The Unicorn is one of Ellie's past characters.

Bio Edit

One day, Ellie was baking and making food when Sparkles the unicorn came in, but Sparkles then made a mess, and got offended very easily, they exploded and turn into rainbows when they get a little over-excited, and they can fly to amazing places such as RAINBOWLAND but children can't fly and they have got no wings.So, they just stay at home. But Sparkles The Unicorn is still fun and can be quite good fun AND GOOD FRIENDS!

Personality Edit

Sparkles The Unicorn is Ellie's BF. THEY ARE BFF'S!!!!!!!!!!! But although Sparkles is really Ellie's best friend.she has a bit of problems too.

  1. Unicorns can be really messy.
  2. Unicorns can be quite sensitive and get offended very easily.
  3. Unicorns can get a little over-excited sometimes, in fact, when that happens, they explode and turn into rainbows
  4. Unicorns can fly to amazing places like 'Rainbowland", but a child can't fly, so the child just stays at home.
  5. Unicorns can have a bit of problems sometimes, but they can still have a good side and be BFF'S with a child.

Appearences Edit

My Best Friend Is A Unicorn!