"Seven guests expected, Seven guests. in."

Robot to SSG girls.

SevenSuperGirls And The Rickety Robot is a episode featuring all of the SSG girls.

Plot Edit

One cloudy day, the SSG girls meet up in a mansion.

Goofs Edit

  • When the robot says "I have been programmed to expect seven silly girls. Is that you?" But that doesn't seem like true. Katherine & Rachael are NOT in the video.
  • When the robot says "Well, seven guests expected. seven guests in." there are only 5 girls in the building and Ellie is stuck outside.
  • When The SevenSuperGirls say that their clothes are ruined. the SSG girls are wearing the same clothes and the robot is holding spare clothes.
  • When the Rickety Robot says "Please! gentlemen, this is no way to treat a household appliance." SevenSuperGirls are not gentlemen. If it was corrected, The robot would've said "Please! ladies, this is no way to treat a household appliance."

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