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One day, SSG girls were watching TV and they said that the national workout day was here and the one who does the most exercises gets the most fabulous prizes, Kaelyn liked fabulous prizes. Emily wondered are the SSG girls thinking what Emily is thinking. Kaelyn thought it would be some sort of a joke like: "you cross a frog with a bunny, you get a ribbit," but they were actually thinking about doing the most exercises to win the most fabulous prizes so they all worked hard and done lots of gymnastics. and skills. and the most exercises. Until one day, they arrived at home, looking tired. Until Emily looked on her phone and it said "National workout day isn't until next year" Then all were shocked, it wasn't fair that they did ALL THAT HARD WORK FOR NOTHING. Kaelyn wrote down "DO NOT DISTURB!!! DO NOT WAKE FOR 1,000 YEARS!!!" Then they went off to bed now. 1,100 years later... they woke up by some strange people. "What time is it?" asked Kaelyn, "3116"someone replied. Mimi did not think that that was a time. "No, it's a year." said someone. All the SSG girls were like: "WWWWWWWWWWhat!!!!!!!!!1???????????" they obeyed their sign, the sign was placed in 2016 saying "NOT TO WAKE YOU FOR 1,000 YEARS" Kaelyn was wondering why didn't they wake the SSG girls in 2016. They said that they did. The SSG girls hit the snooze button. Emily thinks that makes sense. Ellie does that a lot when she is tired. Then they said that they know all the SSG girls and it was known throughout the galaxy. their whole culture is based on the SSG girls videos. Then there was a disaster and all that survived were the videos. So all they know about the past comes from the videos. They also said they mentioned ponies in one of the videos. Emily asked if they could go in for a swim. "What's swim?" someone asked. Kaelyn showed them the swimming pool. Or at least, she thought it was the swimming pool but then it turned into acid for dissolving broken robots in. Mimi thought that now there was no need to get a new swimsuit then. Then Ellie And Mimi went into a movie theater, Ellie was wondering if they are going to watch a movie. But then the strange people said that SevenSuperGirls cannot see the movie because they don't have brain phones. So the SSG girls were not going to see the movie then. Mimi knew that now the future's boring, there was no swimming, there was no movies, and they are over 1,100 years old. they have missed so much school, they are going to be in lots of trouble. They just wanted to go home, but they can't go home. Until the strange people decided to make them go back in time. But then the SSG girls left the future by being zapped and taking a time ray because if they ever want to come back. they can just press it and they will come back. Do you think they'll ever will?... Well, let's find out in the future. Then they woke up and realized it was all a dream. But almost a dream... somehow.

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The Strange People

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The Gym

The SSG Hotel

The Movie Theater

The SSG Arcade

The SevenSuperGirls Meet & Greet