SevenSuperGirls And The Frozen Mermaids
Some attributes
First Jenna
Second Kaelyn
Third Mimi
Other attributes
Fourth The Mermaids
Fifth Markay
Sixth Ellie
One chilly day, the SSG girls were all having a cup of hot cocoa and they were all discussing about that the cold weather came so quickly, and it felt like summer was just YESTERDAY. until the door rang, Emily decided to go get it, Emily wondered who's there? "Mermaids." someone answered, they wanted to come in and get out of the cold chilly wind. Jazzy wondered why did they come here? The mermaids thought it was awful because there lake froze over. They all had to break through the ice to get out, it was so cold out there. it was never been that cold, they really wanted to stay here just until it is warmed up. All the SSG girls agreed to help the Frozen Mermaids. So then they went off to eat pizza. But the mermaids disagree. It didn't look like food to them. One of the mermaids tried it but it felt yucky to them. One of the mermaids don't think they are supposed to eat pizza. Kaelyn asked what food do they eat? Someone requested seaweed. Or fish. But Ellie wondered if they were fish themselves? They were fish themselves but they think that they are made out of meat and they eat that. Everyone disagreed. Now that the mermaids have eaten. They were going to see if they can walk. They all tried to stand on their own at first. But they did not get it first time they've tried it. Until they tried walking and it looked so easy, at first, But then they fell over, so they had to maybe try something different. So they all went to the Gymnastics area to start with the practice bikes but once they get better they'll move to the real ones. But the SSG girls saw that the mermaids only have flipper. Until they decided that maybe running will be easier for the mermaids. But it didn't really work for them. Jenna's idea failed!!!!!! So since the moving around the land wasn't going so well for the mermaids. So the SSG girls tried to teach them how to play pool, but it didn't work for the mermaids. The mermaids thought: "Pool is just way too exhausting on dry land." So they went to do the video-games, but that looked so boring to the mermaids. The mermaids didn't like it here. They wished they could go back to the water because they were getting all dry








The Mermaids [SSG playing the mermaids]


The SevenSuperGirls Hotel

The Heated Swimming Pool

The Lake (mentioned)

SevenSuperGirls Arcade

SevenSuperGirls Gym


KAELYN:"There's nothing like a cup of hot cocoa on a day like this." JENNA: "I know, it's always great to have one of these on a chilly day like this." MIMI: "This cold weather came so quickly" ELLIE: "Yeah, i know. It feels like summer was just yesterday." (DOORBELL RINGING) EMILY: "I'll get it. Who's there?" MERMAID: "Mermaids."



  • When Ellie & Mimi explain the mermaids how to play pool. They keep changing positions throughout the shots. This sometimes may probably be due to film cuts.
  • At the end of the episode. Emily's mermaid dress has a hole in her flipper.
  • And then Emily's flipper was repaired.
  • When Jazzy says "Byyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!" Her mouth is omitted.



Jason Shaw:

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