Princess Lucy was considered to be a guest in Kaelyn's videos.

Description (Personality, Traits, Etc.) Edit

Lucy (AKA: Princess Lucy) was a mean, spoiled, arrogant, and childish 8-year-old girl. She was seen throwing temper tantrums in almost every video she appeared in. Lucy was seen playing with her dolls and other toys.

It was revealed that Lucy actually participated in pageants, just like her mother. Lucy also enjoyed wearing her precious, silver tiara. She had a stuffed-white bear named "Mr. Bearey" which she slept with every night.

It is unknown why Lucy was raised to be the person she is today, but her mother tried to get whatever she wants (Sometimes, she'll say no)

The character was discontinued after Kaelyn left the SAKs channels in 2017. Later, in January 2018, many of her old Lucy videos got deleted, or more commonly, marked as private.