Princess Lucy is considered to be a guest in Kaelyn's videos.

Description (Personality, Traits, Etc.) Edit

Lucy (AKA: Princess Lucy) is a mean, spoiled, arrogant, and childish 8-year-old girl. She is seen throwing temper tantrums in almost every video she appears in. Lucy can also be seen playing with her dolls and another toys.

It was revealed that Lucy actually participated in pageants, just like her mother. Lucy also enjoys wearing her precious, silver tiara. She also has a stuffed-white bear named "Mr. Bearey" which she sleeps with every night.

It is unknown why Lucy was raised to be the person she is today, but her Mother tries to get whatever she wants (Sometimes, she'll say no)

In "A Day with Lucy!" her mother needed to run a quick errand, but of course, Lucy refused to go, because she wanted to stay at home and play with her toys. Her mother brushes her hair, but since Lucy's hair was all tangled. She brushed it, causing Lucy to let out a huge scream in pain.

As her mother was driving, Lucy begged for some ice-cream. To which her mother accepts, as long as Lucy promises to behave at the store. To which Lucy does so. Then, they go to The Ice Cream Shop and Lucy orders a small bowl of ice-cream.

At the store, Lucy grabs so many boxes of toys. But, her mother tells her that she cannot buy any of those. Then, Lucy starts throwing a fit. Her mother gives in, and decides to let Lucy buy only one toy. To which Lucy does.

While her mother was driving, Lucy demands a Happy-Meal from McDonald's. Her Mother tells her to ask more nicely, or she won't earn it. Lucy keeps begging, until then. She does what she is told. Her mother accepts and gets Lucy a Happy-Meal.

Lucy asks her mom if she can go to the park, to which she does. But, only for a short amount of time.

At the park, Lucy is sitting at the table and takes out her food. She complains about the french fries being too small, but she thought it wouldn't matter. Lucy takes out her Happy-Meal toy, but notices it's a boy's toy instead of a girl's (it is unknown why this happened)

Lucy slides down the slide, but gets stuck. Then, she runs to the swings and starts off without holding onto the handles, her mother warns her to hold on to them or she would get hurt. Lucy sticks her tongue out and then eventually starts singing as she swings high up.

A few moments later, Lucy feels sick and wants to go home. Her mom drives home, but Lucy begs for her to stop the car.

The car stops. Lucy gets out and vomits on the ground.

Her mom says "Eww! You ate too much junk, Lucy!"

Lucy encounters Toddler Tiffany in "Pranksters: Princess Lucy & Toddler Tiffany Are Double-Trouble!"

To which they argue over a toy doll. Then, Lucy decides to settle the bet by them pranking Jenna and Mimi.

Toddler Tiffany pranks Mimi by creating icky, sticky slime. She places it underneath a white towel, which was laying on Mimi's lounge-chair.

Princess Lucy pranks the girls, using Tobasco hot-sauce. She pours bits of the hot-sauce into their cups of lemonade. Causing a shocked reaction to them. At the ending, Toddler Tiffany and Princess Lucy are playing with a unicorn (who is actually a teenage girl wearing a unicorn costume). The unicorn notices the doll and grabs it, much to Tiffany and Lucy's shock

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