Nicole is 16 yr old from seven super girls

She is known to be quite girly, wearing various flower pins, and bows in every video.

On September 11, 2016, Nicole left SSG, but transferred to SevenFabulousTeens where she is now making videos every Sunday. Ellie (who used to be on SevenPerfectAngels) is the current Sunday.

Trivia Edit

  • Nicole has three other sisters.
    • Older sister Hope, who used to be on SevenGymnasticGirls.
    • Younger sister Maddie.
    • Eldest sister Grace, who just graduated from college
  • Nicole has two pets: A dog named Sam and an unnamed cat.
  • Nicole is part of a golf team.
  • She is part of a marching band in high school. She plays the French Horn.
  • Hope, Nicole's sister, used to do the editing and filming but she is currently in college, leaving Nicole to do filming and editing on her own. This resulted in her transferred to SevenFabulousTeens to be more relaxed.
  • Nicole is the second member to leave SSG, but to transfer to a different SAKs channel. The first is Georgie, who used to be on SSG, but transferred to SevenAwesomeKids because it is more suited for her.
  • Nicole used to be on other SAKs channels: SevenPerfectAngels, SevenCoolTweens, SevenSuperGirls, and right now SevenFabulousTeens.