Katherine and Rachael were members on SSG since April 2011. Katherine transferred from a previous SAKs channel called SevenFuntasticGirls to SSG when she was 11. At some time, Katherine invited Rachael be part of SSG. Both were on the Monday Spot, until at some point they switched to Friday Spot (Oceane was the new Monday Spot) and had made video since then.

In late 2015, Katherine turned 16 and had to leave, resulting in Rachael to continue doing SSG videos alone.

Around September 2015, the age limit was removed due to most of the fans not wanting to see their favourite members leave when they turned 16. This resulted in Katherine returning to SSG so she can join with her sister.

On May 26 2017, the dynamic duo announced that they will be leaving SSG and all the SAKs channels together, and will continue on their personal channels. Jaidyn from SevenPerfectAngels (Another SAKs channel) took over their spot as the current Friday.

Trivia Edit

  • Katherine was born in London, England, so all was born in usa
  • They have two other siblings: their younger sister Grace (who plays Guido in some of their video) and their eldest brother, Tommy
  • Both did choir. Katherine was the soprano, and Rachael was the alto.
  • They have a dog named Teddy
  • Rachael does track and field.
  • Katherine and Rachael auditioned for SevenAwesomeKids years ago before Katherine got onto SevenFuntasticGirls, but both did not make it.