Kaelyn Olivia Wilkins was born on July 23, 2000 in the state of Texas (In the United States of America). Kaelyn has a younger brother named Ethan who is 2 years younger than her and was born with autism. She had a dog named Sadie who sadly passed away, but Kaelyn has another dog named Abby. Her own channel mpatient13 was originally her fathers, so she did not get to choose it. Kaelyn first made her appearance on Seven Perfect Angels. Then she was transferred to Seven Twinkling Tweens. Shortly after, she was Seven Awesome Kids. From there, she made it to Seven Super Girls,and that's when she became famous. Kaelyn used to do public school up until grade 7, she then moved to online school so she has more time filming for SSG. Kaelyn also LOVES to swim. She swims for Montgomery Aquatics Race Club (MARC Swimming).