Do you want to know more about a famous Youtube Star Kaelyn from Seven Super Girls? Well, your reading the perfect article, cause you are going to learn a lot about her today. Kaelyn was born as Kaelyn Olivia Smith on July 23,2000 in the state of Colorado (In the United States of America). Kaelyn has a younger brother named Ethan who is 2 years younger than her. She had a dog named Saddie who sadly passed away, but Kaelyn has another dog named Abby. Kaelyn is very close to her mom, and her own channel Mpatient13 was originally her fathers, so she did not get to choose it. Kaelyn first made her appearance on Seven Perfect Angels. Then she was transferred to Seven Twinkling Tweens. Shortly after, she was Seven Awesome Kids. From there, she made it to Seven Super Girls,and that's when she became famous. Kaelyn's best friend on SSG is Jenna. They recently uploaded a BFF Tag Video on Seven Super Girls Bonus. Kaelyn also LOVES to swim. She goes to swimming practice almost everyday. That is all, or at least for now because there is always a lot more to learn about her.

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