Jaidyn is the current Friday spot for SSG, replacing Katherine and Rachael. She is currently 15

Previous Channels Edit

  • SevenGymnasticGirls
  • SevenTwinklingTweens
  • SevenPerfectAngels

Trivia Edit

  • Jaidyn is the oldest out of her 4 other sisters:
    • Lyla (8), who is the Sunday Spot on SevenPerfectAngels
    • Sophie (4)
    • Willa (1)
    • Newborn Baby Thea
  • Jaidyn did gymnastics, which explains that she was on SGG when she was 9. In 2014, she left SGG because she lost interest in gymnastics (But still does it for fun) and wants to become an actress. It is unknown whether she is continuing gymnastics as a hobby or not as of right now.
  • She loves photography

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