Genie (also known as the Annoying Genie) is one of Kaelyn's past characters and one of the characters what Kaelyn has played.


Genie annoys Kaelyn to say her big wish not small wish but BIG WISH!!!! Genie appears again and again and keeps repeating for Kaelyn to say her BIG WISH!!!


The Annoying GenieEdit

When Kaelyn heard the door ring, She opened the door and saw the lamp on the ground. Kaelyn thought it was a teapot and when she checked it inside, she saw nothing! But when Kaelyn saw a big puff of smoke, she saw the Genie! Then the Genie asked Kaelyn to say her big wish.

Kaelyn's Past Characters (Pester Her!)Edit

Genie reappears while Kaelyn was doing her homework and she asked Kaelyn to say her big wish and Kaelyn said her BIG WISH is for her to not appear in the video.


  • Kaelyn gets annoyed by the Genie for her to say her BIG WISH.
  • Genie is called as the 'Annoying Genie'