Ellie is your new Sunday on Seven Super Girls. She said goodbye to Seven Perfect Angels.

Bio Edit

She is 14 years old, has a mom, dad, and no siblings. She lives in England and her parents are divorced.

Personality Edit

Ellie is known to be a kind, considerate, and helpful. She is a great friend and is very loyal.

Appearances Edit

Introducing Ellie!

My Best Friend Is A Unicorn!

The Secret Birthday Sleepover!

The Giant Ellie!

Ellie's Crafts and DIY's!

Ellie Becomes A Mermaid!

Home Alone In A Haunted Mansion!

Toddler Tiffany Takeover!

Ellie And The Magical Dancing Shoes!

The Twin Princesses!

SevenSuperGirls Visit The Future!

Ellie's Fun And Easy Christmas DIY's!

Ellie And The Mischievous Christmas Angel!

Pinky The Baby monster's Perfect Christmas Present!

Ellie's Christmas Morning & Haul 2016!

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