Chloe Edit

Chloe is the ninth SSG. She is not often seen in videos but she appears from time to time. Her family is very poor and she cannot afford nice clothes, so the other SSGs don't allow her to come on the show. However, whenever an SSG "graduates" from the channel, she's usually saved up enough money to rent an outfit from them. While she might not appear often, she is still considered an SSG by SAK.

Trivia Edit

-Chloe's full name is Chloe Dershlit

-Chloe's mom works as a janitor at the law offices of Morgan and Morgan

-Chloe is homeschooled

-Chloe has never met her father

-Chloe is also the main writer for most of the SSG episodes involving the other 8 SSGs

Features Edit

The episodes where Chloe appears on-screen are:


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