Eille  Edit

Elie has an embarrassing illness!

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This weeks theme is My Embarrassing ___ so I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks video!

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Jazz Edit

Someone posts a SUPER embarrassing photo of Jazz online AND fails a livestream!

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Description: Jazzwakes up on a beautiful, sunny day... Except that a bunch of people have just seen a super embarrassing photo of her!! Just to add to that, she completely FAILS at a live stream. Talk about EMBARRASSING!!! And you won't even believe what happens when she goes grocery shopping on her bike in a kangaroo outfit. Don't ask. For a chance to get a shoutout in next week's video, comment down below something embarrassing that's happened to you before. Thanks for watching! :)

*HUGS* ~Jazz k

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Annie and dora  Edit

annie and Dora makes a reverse curse!

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Description: This week on SevenSuperGirls, the theme is "My Embarrassing_____." annie and Dora puts on a skit for you all about a new ointment that reverses embarrassing moments within seconds called "ReverseCurse". See how the product works on the most embarrassing situations...

To possibly get a shoutout next week, comment down below telling me which one of your embarrassing moments would you use ReverseCurse ointment on if you had your own? Thanks for watching, see you next Wednesday!

dora and Annie

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nicole Edit

nicole has a HUGE pimple on her nose.

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This week's theme is embarrassing ____. On the day of the big dance nicole just wants to look her best! Something so embarrassing happens and it couldn't of happened at a worse time! Watch and find out why Nicole is embarrassed. For a chance to get a shout out in next weeks video, comment down below if anything embarrassing has ever happened to you!

Thanks for watching! See you next week!

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Music by Kevin MacLeod: Sunshine A and Gonna Start
Doorbell by

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Rachel Edit

Rachael buy a pet who isn't exactly as it seems..

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Description: Rachael's new pet doesn't turn out as planned...

Music: Daily Beetle, Enter the party, Rains will fall
By: Kevin MacLeod

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Kimee  Edit

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Kimees cousin comes for a visit.Description:

When Kimees cousin comes for a visit
kimee knows there’s going to be trouble -
and embarrassing situations!

Music By: Kevin MacLeod
Sunflower Dance Party, Monkeys Spinning Monkeys. EDM Detection Mode, Run Amok, Your Call
Sound Effects By: FreeSFX

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liam  Edit

liam is having a VERY embarrassing day.

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Did you ever just have one of those days when one embarrassing thing happens one after another? Then you'll feel sorry forLiam because shes having one of those, right here.

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